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Get Out There & Back Again

The wrist wearable that can call for help even when you can’t.

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Water resistant

No monthly fees

AI technology

Up to 5-day battery life

The intelligent wearable preferred by extreme sports athletes, hikers, general contractors and active individuals.

Damien, 27

Mountain biker

I was one of the beta testers for the Tended Protect. It gave me the confidence to explore new trails on my own knowing I had a safety net

Adam, 41


I can spend hours on my own in the workshop or on site with very dangerous equipment – I want my wife to know I’m always safe

Amber, 25


I love adventuring but without sending regular text’s to my family nobody knows where I am or if I’m safe – Tended solves this

Oliva, 34

Horse Rider

It’s a great feeling knowing that I can let my family know straight away if something has happened on a ride out, especially as horses can be so unpredictable!

Tended Protect – Built to monitor your safety

Prompt check-in at pre-set intervals

When the band vibrates simply tap the screen or wave your arm to check in as safe

Intelligent fall & impact detection

Whether you’re working, hiking, biking or more – Tended detects if you’ve had an accident and asks if you’re ok

SOS calling

Send for help anytime by using a pre-set click pattern on your device

Safety check if motionless

When enabled, Tended will monitor for long periods of non-movement and check if you’re ok

Automatically sends for help when you need it the most

GPS Location

In the event of an emergency, your trusted contacts will receive your GPS location to within 10 meters

Live audio with the wearer

Trusted contacts can listen to the emergency situation with live audio and attempt to communicate through your phone’s loud speaker

Health & activity data

Trusted contacts also receive your current activity and health information, allowing them to send for help in the quickest possible way

Tended Protect – Built into your lifestyle

Track fitness

As well as safety monitoring, the Tended Protect will track your fitness and tell you how many steps you’ve taken, calories burned and distance travelled

Sync to your favorite fitness app

The Tended Protect can also sync to your favorite fitness app to collect more in-depth fitness data

Receive phone notifications

Receive phone notifications such as text messages and incoming calls alerts on the device’s screen

You’re safer when your friends and family have your back

We respect your privacy

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ugly panic buttons
expensive subscriptions
bulky trackers

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