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How does the Tended Protect work?

Where can I buy a Tended Protect?

Does the Tended device require a SIM card?

Do I need a mobile phone?

Can I use my Tended Protect without a mobile phone?

Does the Tended Protect require mobile data?

Will the Tended Protect drain my mobile phone’s battery?

Are there any ongoing fees?

Will the Tended Protect work in my country?

Is the Tended Protect suitable for children?

What sensors does the Tended Protect use?

How does the Tended Protect know where I am?

How is my personal information stored?

Do I need an emergency contact?

Will the Tended Protect track my fitness?

Is the Tended Protect waterproof?

Can the Tended Protect detect epileptic seizures?

Is the Tended Protect suitable for the elderly?

Is the Tended Protect suitable for wheelchair users?

Can I make a call using the Tended Protect?

Can't I just use an app on my phone or smartwatch?

How do I set up the Tended Protect?

What information is required within the Tended app?

Will I need to pay for the Tended app?

How do I turn off my Tended Protect?

How do I charge my Tended Protect?

What comes in the box?

Why are you taking pre-orders?

Are there any risks involved with pre-ordering?

When will I be charged for my Tended Protect?

What is your refund policy?

Is there a warranty?

What if my I want to change my order?

When will the Tended Protect be shipped?

Where will the Tended Protect be shipped?

How much is shipping?

Can I be a brand ambassador?

I'm interested in a distribution partnership

I'm interested in becoming a beta tester